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Does Your Home Need Insulation Services?

*   Older homes typically do not meet today's energy-efficiency 

     standards; and some new homes are under insulated or 

     poorly insulated as well.  


 *   Signs that heat and air conditioning may be escaping through

     attics, floors, windows or doors are:  

             Drafts in the winter,  

             Extreme heat in the summer

                 Interior walls and floors feel cool. 


     This will cause higher energy bills as well as shortening 

     the life of your furnace and air conditioner. 


*   Next, knowing your current insulation's "R-value" can also 

     be a deciding factor whether to add more insulation.  The

     higher the R-value, the more efficient.  R-49 is the current

     code for attics, however, R-60 is maximum efficiency.

*   Need a Sound Barrier?  

     By insulating inside walls, floors,  basement ceilings,  

     utility rooms, and theater rooms; noise is buffered from the

     rest of the home.

*   You may qualify for the ThermWise Utility Rebate Program 

     offered through Dominion Energy or Rocky Mountain Power.

     See the drop-down tab under for ThermWise Energy Rebate

     Program under ABOUT US in the tool bar above.

The ideal way to determine if you need to replace or 

    add to your current insulation levels is through 

                  a free inspection by one of our 

                       experienced technicians.


      During your free inspection, we will determine

            your specific needs and offer solutions.


Get a free Consultation & Inspection 

by one of 

"The Insulation Guys" experienced technicians.

During your free inspection, 

we will look for:


* Loss of heat & air conditioning 

* Missing insulation or gaps in existing insulation

*  HVAC maintenance issues

* Moisture and other potential damage 

We will recommend solutions for any problems found 

to fit your specific needs

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