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We are an Authorized Contractor 

with the ThermWise Utility Program

with Dominion Energy & Rocky Mountain Power 


How does the ThermWise Program work?

Dominion Energy & Rocky Mountain Power add incentives to make 

your energy-efficient solutions more affordable. 

Add additional insulation into your attic and save on your monthly utility bills, 

plus,  you may *qualify for up to a 50% rebate for the cost of insulation.. 

averaging .90 per square foot. 

Example:  An attic at 1000 square feet costs $900; get $405 back within 6 weeks 

...and we will file the rebate for you! 

 *Must be a customer of Dominion Energy or Rocky Mountain Power, your name is on the bill

* No previous rebates received for the property address by you or previous owners 

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