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Cellulose?  Batt?  or Foam? 

Which one should you have installed? 


Compare options below & discuss insulation benefits with one of 

"The Insulation Guys" experienced technicians

Cellulose Blow In

Made from Go-Green, eco friendly materials comprised of cellulose (plant based-85% shredded recycled newspaper, boxes, etc.) or fiberglass loose fill insulation material; this insulation is treated with a fire-retardant mineral compound.  The installation process is blown-in making it ideal for reaching small and hard to reach areas.     

    *   Improves comfort level 

    *   Excellent sound barrier  

    *   Energy efficient - higher R-Value

         than Batt Insulation

    *   Helps stop air leakage 

    *   Mold inhibitor

    *   Pest and rodent deterrent

    *   Cost efficient and long lasting



This product is made from fiberglass, or mineral wool (basalt and recycled slab that is spun and resembles mineral wool) and other fiber and comes in  roll or blanket form. It is unrolled, cut and inserted into specific areas.


  *  Most affordable insulation

  *  Fiberglass fiber can pose health risk

  *  Gaps may be left if not cut to correct

      size or is poorly installed reducing

      energy efficiency or lower R-Value   

  *  Still number one insulation used by

       contractors due to cost & ease of 


Open or Closed Cell 

Foam Spray

Made up of polyurethane that is blown through heated hoses.  It expands and hardens as it is applied to the surface being insulated. Closed Cell is denser and most effective.  Open Cell is lighter and expands more aggressively (used most on domestic applications).  Both forms of Foam Spray insulation is the most expensive of the insulation options.


   *   ​ Energy efficient - Sealant

   *   Fire Retardant

   *   Moisture barrier

   *   Reduces pollen that infiltrates

   *   Outlasts all other insulations

   *   Most expensive to apply

Foam Board

This product is a rigid foam board made from polystyrene and there are three different grades.  It is cut to fit and wedged or "friction fit".  It can also be glued.  Is good insulation unless not fitted into space correctly.  

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